Tom Wakely For Congress

Senator Bernie Sanders who is an  independent  ran  for  President  as a Democrat. Tom, who is also an independent,  ran  for  Congress  in  2016  against Lamar Smith as a Democrat.  Of the 16 Congressional races Smith has run, no Democrat was on the ballot in five of them. In races with a Democrat on the ballot, Smith, who was first elected in 1986, received no less than 60%  of the vote.


In  2016,  with  Tom  on  the  ballot  and  running  as  an independent progressive democrat he receive d more votes than any candidate that has ever run against Smith. He did that with very little money, spending less than .50 cents per vote. That electoral  feat  which  was orchestrated by Tom and his campaign team resulted in Smith's percentage  dropping to 57%.  A  congressional district  is  considered  competitive  when  the  winning candidate garners no more than 55 % of the vote.

Tom has filed to run in 2018 

and the time to prepare for that election is now.