Tom Wakely on the Issues at a Glance

A True Progressive Populist - Empowering the people of Texas is Tom’s goal. Tom will champion the interests of the people over those of unaccountable moneyed interests and corrupt politicians.

Abolish the Death Penalty - Tom believes the death penalty is racist, state sponsored murder. Texas must stop this shameful, immoral, and barbaric practice.

Air Pollution – As Environmental Texas points out, “Texas’ air quality is a major detriment to our quality of life and physical health. Poor air quality puts the most vulnerable among us, like children and seniors, at risk for asthma, strokes, and other illnesses. We have a moral responsibility to care for future generations and clean up Texas’ air to provide a better quality of life for those most at risk.”  Among the measures Tom supports is requiring scrubbers be placed on all cement factory smokestacks in the state.

Campaign Finance Reform – Tom will fight for public financing of elections. Political fundraising needs to be reformed so that not only wealthiest and most well-connected candidates are able to run for office. Until state law is changed, limiting the amount of money a donor can contribute to a candidate, Tom has voluntarily set a contribution limit for donors to his campaign at $2,700.

Civil Rights Advocate - Tom will fight for the Texas values of equal justice, economic opportunity and political power for all, regardless of race or economic status.

Common Sense Gun Control – Tom believes we must balance gun rights with common sense safety measures like background checks on all gun purchases whether the gun is bought from a licensed dealer or from a private seller at a gun show or over the internet. He supports banning military style assault weapons, bump stocks, and silencers in Texas.

Corporate Income Tax – Sweetheart deals, tax giveaways and an absurdly low franchise tax have allowed wealthy corporations to evade their responsibility in investing their fair share in our great state.  A corporate income tax will bring in badly needed revenue, helping fund education, infrastructure and other vital needs.

End Private Prisons - Private prisons should be abolished. It profoundly stupid to use taxpayer dollars to finance private company’s profits while creating an incentive to stuff our prisons with ever more Texans.

Equal Justice Under Law - Tom will fight for the Texas values of equal justice, economic opportunity and political power for all, regardless of race or economic status. Institutional racism must end.

Equal Pay – Women should receive equal pay for equal work. Period. Without exception.

Fight Global Warming - We must accelerate our transition to renewable energy with the help of a carbon tax. The crisis of global warming is here and now, phasing out fossil fuels is key to our survival. Tom supports a ban on fracking and flaring in our state.

Government Reform - We must break the corrupting stranglehold of political donors and wealthy, well connected special interests over our government and return power to the people of Texas.

Increase College Funding – Let’s invest in our future by restoring adequate funding for our public colleges and universities. We need to roll back skyrocketing tuition costs that are impoverishing our young people. Tom supports tuition free community colleges in our state.

Income inequality – Corporate profits are at an all-time high while worker wages continue to stagnate. Income is being funneled upward ever faster via tax breaks. Among the measures Tom supports broadening our sales tax base to include more services consumed by high-income Texans — examples include placing a tax on investment counseling; on stock and bond purchases, transfers & sales; and on country club memberships bought or sold.

Hold Polluters Accountable - Let’s protect our citizens and stop the poisoning of Texas. Tom will hold polluting industries accountable for their own environmental costs. He supports full disclosure of all chemicals held on any industrial or warehouse site.

Legalize Marijuana -  Marijuana aka Cannabis should be made fully legal for medical and personal use. Texans should be free to consume marijuana without fear of arrest or jail time. Thousands of PTSD and chronic pain sufferers will benefit from cannabis as a non-opiate alternative. Additionally, legalization will allow industrial hemp to replace much more environmentally costly cotton production.

LGBTQ Rights - Tom fully supports the dignity, freedom, and equality of LGBTQ Texans. He will fight the anti-LGBTQ bigotry embodied in the so called “religious freedom restoration” (RFRA) laws. LGBTQ Texans must be afforded full and equal status with regards to employment, marriage, parental rights and access to public facilities.

Net Neutrality – Tom fully supports net neutrality; however, this is a federal issue. But there is something Texas can do for Texans. Tom supports Texas entering the broadband market ourselves. Without the profit incentive, the state can provide cheaper and faster internet services to all Texans.

Opioid Addiction Crisis – Tom advocates a treatment based response as opposed to our current counterproductive law enforcement one.  People suffering from addiction need treatment, not prison. As Governor Tom would push the Texas Attorney General to sue prescription drug companies amid the national opioid-drug epidemic.

Pass a $15 Minimum Wage - All Texans should be paid fairly for their labor, and enjoy the pride and dignity of earning a living wage for full time work. A $15 minimum wage will be a good start in that direction.

Police Accountability – Tom advocates community policing in Texas. Transparency, accountability and public involvement are necessary to challenge unfair and racially biased enforcement where it exists. Those responsible for police brutality and violence must be held to account. In the case of a police shooting, Tom supports removing the investigation from local authorities to an independent state agency created specifically for that purpose.

Postal Voting – Tom supports requiring that all elections in the state be conducted by mail. Voters may also drop their ballots off at a county designated official drop site.

Reproductive Freedom - A woman has the right to decide when and whether to have children, and whether to end a pregnancy without interference from the government or her employer.

Strengthen Unions - Strong unions are key to workers prosperity. Tom will fight to repeal our state’s anti-worker union busting legislation was passed in the 1940’s. Absurdly named “right to work” this piece of legislation has contributed to the decline of the middle-class and to the rise of corporate power.

Undocumented Workers - Comprehensive immigration reform is a federal issue but there are a few things we can do as a state. Tom supports repealing SB4. He also supports issuing driver’s licenses to undocumented workers. This is a common-sense safety issue. In addition, he supports demilitarizing our border with Mexico by removing all DPS troopers from the area.

Universal Healthcare -  No one should suffer or die because they can’t afford medical care. Everyone, regardless of class has the right to live free from suffering caused by untreated health issues. Among the measures Tom supports is establishing a state-wide healthcare system of clinics and hospitals owned and operated by the state.