Abolish the Death Penalty

Tom Wakely believes the death penalty is racist, state sponsored murder. 9_Death-Penalty-is-Murder.pngTexas must stop this shameful, immoral, and barbaric practice. Once we give the government permission to kill people, where does it end. Executions do not bring justice. There is amble evidence that the Texas capital punishment death machine is fundamentally unfair. At least 20 innocent people have been executed by our state. Blacks are sentenced to death at nearly four times the rate of White's per population. A Black defendant is 14 times as likely to face the death penalty as a White defendant when the victim is of the opposite race. And too often, death penalty convicts are people suffering from mental illness. These are all good reasons to stop this despicable practice, but the best reason is that it is just plain wrong. Texans are better than this. No matter what a person may have done, they are still a human being with a life of inherent worth and dignity. Nothing can justify the orgy of death dealing we see carried out on our behalf, but together with Tom, we can cleanse our state of this shameful stain and end the death penalty in Texas.