Our campaign for Governor will focus on 4 main issues. (1). Income inequality. I will fight for a raise in the state minimum wage to $15 an hour along with repealing Texas’s right-to-work laws. I also want to scrap the Texas business franchise tax system in favor of a Business Income Tax. It’s way past time for Texas’ largest corporations like IBM, Wal-Mart, ATT, Toyota, Dell Computer and Exxon, to start paying their fair share of taxes. Healthcare. Texans need access to healthcare not access to health insurance. I will fight for the establishment of a statewide network of health clinics and hospitals similar in nature to the VA healthcare system that I am a part of. If you have health insurance through your employer and our happy with it - keep it. If you have health insurance through the ACA and our happy with it - keep it. For everyone else, the statewide network of health clinics and hospitals that I propose will be there for you. Gun Control. I will work hard to ban the sale and possession of military-style weapons like the AK-47 and AR-15 in Texas. I will do my very best to repeal our state’s open-carry laws. I support limiting the number of handguns and long guns that a person can lawfully own. I also support, background checks for all gun sales, public or private. Global Warming. I propose that Texas place a carbon fee on the monthly production totals of crude oil, condensate and total oil, gas well gas, casinghead gas, and total natural gas. Not only will a carbon fee raise billions of dollars annually for state aid to public schools it also has the added benefit of helping curb rising global temperatures. A Texas Carbon Fee (TCF) offers a number of solutions to a number of problems. First, is a very cost-effective method of reducing greenhouse gas admissions which contribute to global warming. Second, it will increase revenue to fund public schools while simultaneously reducing local school property taxes. Third, it will help facilitate Texas’s move away from a fossil fuels economy towards a renewal energy economy.