Equal Justice Under The Law

Tom will fight for the Texas values of equal justice, economic opportunity and political power for all, regardless of race or economic status. Starting in the early ‘70s when he worked with Cesar Chavez organizing the grape boycott in San Antonio as a young man, Tom Wakely has worked a champion of social and economic justice for communities of color and the economically disadvantaged.

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Tom believes that our government has become steeped in a legacy of institutional racism that must be recognized and rooted out. We must end police violence, brutality, harassment and over-policing of minority communities. We must work to achieve equal justice under the law, and end the racial disparities in our criminal justice system that are decimating minority communities. And we must bring good jobs and economic investment to these neglected communities. Tom stands with Black, Hispanic, Labor and Immigrant advocates in his commitment to empower and invest in those communities both politically and economically.