Fight Global Warming

Tom believes local communities should be allowed to regulate fracking within their borders. Our radical right-wing state government stripped away local control and has prevented local communities from deciding for themselves how to handle this important issue.

global_warming.pngAside from pumping unknown contaminants into the ground and releasing pollutants into the environment, fracking wastes tremendous amounts of water, a scarce commodity here in Texas. We must fight a fossil fuel industry that is only focused on short term gain and is eager to keep us dependent on fuels that are toxic to both the health of Texans and of the planet itself. My goal is to phase out fracking as quickly as possible, cut oil and gas production, and concentrate on rapidly building our wind and solar energy infrastructure. Our global warming induced climate crisis requires immediate, strong action on multiple fronts which is why Tom is proposing a $10 per ton wellhead carbon tax. Texas must lead the way toward a greener future, our lives depend on it.