Gun Control

Both gun violence and mental illness are public health problems that intersect at the edges but in reality have very little overlap. Mental illness is just one factor that may contribute to gun violence but a history of violence is a far better predictor of future violence than mental illness. Tom believes that access to guns should be based more on an individuals potentially dangerous behavior than anything else. As such, he supports inclusion on the National Instant Criminal Background check system information on an individual’s past or pending violent misdemeanor convictions or charges, domestic violence restraining orders or multiple DUI convictions - all indicators of aggressive, impulsive or risky behavior. In addition, Tom supports the following:

  • Repealing our state's open-carry laws;
  • Requiring proof of gun liability insurance before a gun could be purchased;
  • Requiring a state background check in addition to a federal background check before any gun could be bought in the state;
  • Limiting the number of guns an individual can legally own without first obtaining a permit;
  • Prohibiting the sale and or purchase of military style weapons like the AK-47 and AR-15;
  • Prohibiting the sale and or purchase of gun accessories like silencers and ‘bump stocks.’