Hold Polluters Accountable

Let’s protect our citizens and stop the poisoning of Texas. Tom will hold polluting industries accountable for their own environmental costs.

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For generations, Texas politicians have been cozy with giant agricultural, petrochemical and carbon energy industries, allowing them to freely contaminate our clean air, water and land, and describing this as being “business friendly”. These industries continue to hold sway over politicians eager to do their bidding, corrupted by a seemingly endless stream of political donations. These wealthy and unaccountable interests fight tooth and nail to keep their activities secret, prevent transparency, and avoid accountability for the harm they cause. They would rather see Texans live in a toxic pool of pollutants than bear the cost of cleaning up after themselves. We must ensure that preventing pollution and cleaning it up if it occurs is a cost borne by the businesses themselves, and is no longer pawned off on taxpayers. Tom Wakely will vigorously enforce existing environmental law, hold polluters accountable, and work to pass legislation that will protect our states’ future.