Legalize Marijuana

Increasingly, Texans are demanding the freedom to consume marijuana without the threat of arrest or jail time. For many years Tom Wakely has supported the full legalization of marijuana for both medical and personal use.

2_Legalize-Marijuana.pngThe health benefits of marijuana for chronic pain sufferers, cancer and PTSD patients are clear. It is cruel to continue to deprive these Texans of the ability to treat themselves using this beneficial product. Even more unfair, our country has been waging a moralistic drug war, its selective enforcement criminalizing innocent people and fueling racist policing by disproportionately targeting the Black and Hispanic communities. But there is a better way. An intelligently regulated and taxed Marijuana industry will be both an economic benefit to our state and remove the existing destructive and unnecessary law enforcement burden on our police, court system and prisons. Tom Wakely will fight to repeal and replace these invasive, punitive and harmful anti-marijuana laws and unjust policies.