Pass a $15 Minimum Wage

Tom Wakely believes that all Texans should be paid a fair wage for their labor, and have the pride and dignity of earning a living wage for their full time work. For too long employers have gotten away with underpaying their workers, many times forcing them to rely on social programs such as medicaid, food stamps, or even working multiple jobs just to survive.

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Allowing employers to pay such low wages means that your tax dollars are being used to feed corporate profits, fund corporate welfare, and enable employers to shirk their basic responsibilities to their own workers. To add insult to injury, the Republican congress just slashed the corporate tax rate to enrich their wealthy donors and corporate tycoon cronies at our expense. Tom will fight for a minimum wage of $15 indexed to inflation (with automatic increases to preserve buying power). By doing this we will reduce income inequality and raise hard working Texans out of poverty, boosting the economy by getting more money in the hands of the people and the communities who need it most.