Strengthen Unions

The time has come to strengthen and revitalize labor rights in Texas. We must repeal ant-union laws. The rise of these vicious and absurdly misnamed "right-to-work" laws, along with anti-labor government policies and lax enforcement of employee protections has caused untold harm and hardship to Texas workers. Wages have been forced downward, benefits reduced and jobs lost. labor.jpg

Tom knows by long experience that only by organizing do workers gain the power to put themselves on equal footing with their employers. He is fully committed to protect workers right to representation and to putting a stop to employers' long-standing union-busting tactics. Tom believes no one should ever have to fear retaliation for making their voice heard in the workplace. He stands with unions in advocating for higher pay, safer conditions, and improved benefits for Texas workers. As a young man, Tom worked with Cesar Chavez in the early 1970's in his hometown of San Antonio before going on to work with the Hotel, Motel, Restaurant Workers Union; the Service Employees International Union; and the Office, Professional Employees International Union. Tom has dedicated himself to empowering the people, upholding their rights, and fighting for the freedom and dignity of all. As governor, he will be a steadfast fighter for the working men and women of Texas.