Universal Healthcare

Tom Wakely supports universal healthcare. Everyone, regardless of class has the fundamental right to live free of suffering caused by untreated health issues. If you are sick or hurt and can’t get treatment because you can’t afford it, you are not free.

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We must break the grip of the existing toxic ecosystem of behemoth hospital chains, a greedy health insurance industry, and massive pharmaceutical companies that deliver to us the most expensive healthcare system in the developed world. Employers have mercilessly cut costs by piling health care expenses onto their workers, or worse, dropping coverage altogether. Every day, hard-working Texans are forced into financial ruin by healthcare costs and even die from being unable to afford care. No one should have to live with the fear of being one illness or accident away from financial disaster. It is right, moral and just that we take care of one another through investing in a universal healthcare system. Tom Wakely will work to see that ALL Texans regardless of their age, location, race or economic status have their healthcare needs fully covered. Healthcare is your right!